Can your child do something so wrong that you stop loving them? The loss of a child is unarguably devastating, but what happens when a mother loses a child to the prison system? While the incarceration of a loved one is devastating for all members of a family, mothers especially bear the responsibility and blame for their child's behaviour. Hosted by Annalise Nielsen, this podcast explores the complicated feelings of grief, shame, and helplessness that mothers go through when their child is arrested. Each episode of Unconditional profiles a different mother facing the reality of their child's heinous acts and the reality of their child's incarceration. 

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About Annalise Nielsen


Annalise was inspired to produce 'Unconditional' after her uncle was incarcerated for drug trafficking (see Episode One for an interview with Annalise's grandmother). Annalise studied podcasting as a documentary form while completing her MFA in Documentary Media from Ryerson University. She began working at the Antica Podcast Network just before the launch of Unconditional in February 2017. She loves podcasts (obviously), mystery novels, and RuPaul's Drag Race.  



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