Wide open conversations on hockey.

The Big Ice is a podcast produced by Homestand Sports focused on storytelling from the those who live the game: media, management, and the odd influential fan. This is a podcast for those who not only want topical coverage of the NHL, but want to learn more about what goes into covering hockey, and the surrounding leagues and stories from around the world. Host Joe Pack brings a uniquely youthful and intelligent perspective to the game, focusing on the story behind what you see in the news and the relevant cultural intersections.

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About Joe Pack


Joe Pack is a writer and editor at Sportsnet in Toronto where he's lived his entire life. He rides the subway everywhere and once wrote about the College St. hockey murals for the Toronto Star. Joe is a better listener than speaker but won't let you forget that he's a goalie, bringing it up often.

Joe writes mediocre tweets at @JoePack.


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