Were the good old days really so good? Was it easier – or harder – being a kid “back in the day” or now? This basic question is what Sam seeks to answer on her show, where each week, she takes an often whimsical, sometimes intriguing and always interesting trip down memory lane. With compelling guest interviews, discussions of growing up in the 70’s, 80’s and ‘90’s and the show’s very own PTAN Retro Memory every other week, you’ll want to tune in for the latest topics.

As a mother of four who has raised kids in four different decades – the ‘80’s, 90’s, 00’s and 10’s Sam has a unique perspective, having seen the many changes in parenting and society over the years. And bonus: she was a child of the 70’s too, so throw that experience in for good measure. 

If you’re continually surprised about how much the experience of being both a kid AND a parent has changed over the years, you’ll love this show.

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About Samantha Kemp-Jackson

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   Samantha Kemp-Jackson, aka “Multiple Mayhem Mamma,” is a successful parenting writer, frequent media commentator and spokesperson, public speaker and now, podcaster. As a regular staple on the Canadian media landscape, Sam has appeared on a variety of broadcast, online and print media outlets including The Canadian Press, The Huffington Post, Reuters, CTV and CBC Radio & News, among many others. Samantha is a regular columnist at The Huffington Post and has written for the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star. Her straightforward perspective on parenting has made her a frequent interview subject on outlets including Global News, Maclean’s, The National Post, The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Sgt and many other leading local and national outlets. In 2015, Samantha’s life story was profiled in the November edition of Toronto Life. She is also a regular weekly panelist on CTV News Channel’s “Behind the Headlines” segment with Beverly Thompson. For a more detailed overview of her broadcast and online media interviews, visit her media page, on her blog at www.multiplemayhemmamma.com/media

Since starting her blog in 2011, Sam has delighted her audiences with her unique perspective on parenting. Having children of the most diverse age range ever, her “claim to fame” is that she’s a rare breed of folk who has the dubious distinction of having raised children in four decades: the ‘80’s, ‘90’s, ‘00’s and the ’10’s. As a result of her experiences, she’s currently writing about Parenting then and now.

And speaking of “Parenting Then and Now,” Sam finally realized her lifelong love of the spoken word and broadcasting by starting her podcast of the same name in June, 2017. The podcast focuses on the very real differences that have occurred in her lifetime regarding kids, parenting and the many changes in how kids and parents navigate this much faster, 24/7 digital age, compared to previous times. The podcast includes a combination of interviews, retrospection, lighthearted and whimsical reminiscing as well as very real conversations about how things have changed, while seeking to answer the question: “Were the ‘good old days’ really so good?

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