For years, Antica has produced engaging, entertaining and nation-building content. We’ve proven that our TV, digital, podcast and branded entertainment can help start important national conversations. From big studio shows and intimate films, to docs covering everything from science, music and sports…we’re getting people talking.


These are some of our current Stories...


Antica was honoured to work with Gord Downie to get the country talking about reconciliation. 12 year-old Chanie’s experience at a residential school was heartbreaking…and it’s a story that needed to be told.

Every year, thousands of people from right around the world choose to make Canada their new home, and we’re with many of the new Canadians the very moment they take the oath of citizenship!

Steve Harvey hosts a new format for ABC that was originally produced by Antica, right here in Canada. First known as “Dream Funded”, the show puts a new spin on the business behind crowd funding!



We have unapparelled access as we follow a human drug trial that could save millions of lives. Our crews are following this huge Canadian story that could have major impact right around the world.

Using WeShot technology, this new doc basically gives fans a seat on the tour bus for one of the hottest rock and roll acts bands currently on tour. Coming later in 2017 – get ready to learn the 7 rules of rock n roll!

Some of the best young basketball players in the world are from right here in Canada, and Antica got to tell their stories. We had exclusive access to players like Andrew Wiggins and Kia Nurse for this WeShot doc.


This is the story of Burton Cummings, the illustrious Winnipeg-born singer/songwriter regarded as one of the best voices in rock ‘n roll history. Now 68, Cummings is past the days of raging acid trips and ready to reflect from the other end of his career.




Two highly personal journeys by well-loved presenters will lead to an intimate meeting on hallowed ground as we commemorate the darkest day of our shared history: the 100th anniversary of Passchendaele.
 Spurred On: A new way of telling our shared history.