Double Blind

About This Project

Imagine if cameras were present to capture one of Canada’s greatest and most important stories: the moment Frederick Banting discovered insulin. “Double Blind”, a new and unparalleled documentary, will be there to witness another extraordinary and life changing moment.

Double Blind follows the high stakes world of drug development at its most crucial make or break stage: the “double blind” human drug trial. We’re with the team of researchers, clinicians, and first responders in Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver as they deploy a drug that may be effective enough to prevent brain death caused by strokes.

Our film crews have obtained unprecedented access to hospitals, drug researchers and the investors behind this drug that could potentially save millions of lives. They have all agreed to open the door and give us an exclusive look at this world changing moment.

Director Nicholas de Pencier will be behind the lens. His credits include the award winning documentary Manufactured Landscapes(2006) and more recently Watermark (2013), which won top prize with Toronto Film Critics Association.

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