Join hosts Jeremie, Brian, and Taylor as they hangout and have an unapologetic, unpolished and unfiltered discussion about what it's like to live life with a disease, in the hopes of finding humour in an otherwise taboo and sometimes dark subject.

The Professor Buzzkill podcast is a weekly romp through some of the history myths that are most deeply embedded in our culture. We attack one main myth per week, with the intention of not only busting that myth, but showing why the history surrounding that myth is so important. And we have fun. We destroy mini-myths, explore dubious historical quotes, and have fun with our listeners.

If you're looking for the answer to just about any question that requires critical thinking and analysis you've come to the right place! Tune in to The Reality Check each week as the hosts draw a line between fact and fiction. 


Thoughtful, funny, heartfelt interviews and in-depth documentaries about musicians, authors, comedians, and other cultural creators.

A weekly improvised comedy podcast in the style of old-time radio shows like Inner Sanctum or X Minus One, Illusionoid is performed by Paul Bates, Lee Smart, and Nug Nahrgang. In the distant future, humanity has its last stand against the tyrant computer ILLUSIONOID.

Rewatchability is a comedic pop-culture podcast focusing on the movies and TV shows of the recent past. Each week, hosts J.M. McNab, Blain Watters, and Robert Laronde profile a cherished property from their youths to see if it holds up to the scrutinous eye of today. 


Each week Toronto comedian Todd Van Allen hosts local and touring comics, music moguls, television celebrities and politicians.

CATP: You're in for a good time.

Hosted by author and journalist, Ryan Sprague, Somewhere in the Skies is a podcast that explores the UFO topic and several other paranormal and esoteric topics through the lens of science, philosophy, literature and cinema, culture, history, and academia. 

Sharjil, Raul, John and Mike take an audience suggested movie and turn it into a fully improvised radio-play, complete with sound effects and musical score! They've been voted one of the top 10 Podcasts in Toronto by BlogTO, and top 5 by NOW magazine,, and The Comedy Network Online. They’ll ruin your favourite movie in a way only they can! 


Who is the wisest person out there? Come along on a journey with host Rhonda Olson as she searches the world for the wisest person alive. 

The loss of a child is unarguably devastating, but what happens when a mother loses a child to the prison system? Unconditional explores the complicated feelings of grief, shame, and helplessness that mothers go through when their child is incarcerated.

ISIS. Brexit. Trump. Dramatic change has become the norm in our world today. Host Janice Stein helps us navigate the most disruptive forces we currently face in conversation with experts in each field.


Hosted by "Fearless” Fred Kennedy this podcast covers anything geeky, nerdy, or plain awesome. Interviews with TV creators, movie stars, acclaimed comic book writers, & video game designers (plus everything in between).

Hosted by comedians Precious Chong and Melissa Story, ‘Sex and the Single Parent’ is a a candid and funny podcast about the sexy, secret lives of single parents.

Were the "good old days" really so good? Was parenting easier back in the day or is that just an illusion? What about being a kid? Was it better then...or now? That's what I'm on a mission to find out in my new podcast, Parenting Then and Now. Join host Samantha Kemp-Jackson on this long, strange trip, won't you?


The best kept secret in Canada's cultural scene, The Basement Revue is a half-literary, half-music showcase of contemporary Canadian fiction, music and poetry... and you have a front-row seat. 

A podcast about you + your pet. The monthly podcast explores pet culture and what it reflects about us.

Writers Dina Del Bucchia and Daniel Zomparelli along with some special guests interview writers, crack jokes and take a (mostly) serious look at the world of Canadian literature


A podcast about getting away, being away and all the things that happen in between.

The car is just the vehicle for the story, so whether you're a self-professed "gear head" or just want to learn more about cars, Ignition brings you the latest news, stories, trends and technology from the auto industry.

Comedian & TV host, Adam Growe explores numbers and the significant, fascinating, and surprising ways in which they impact his weekly guest(s).


Host Bruce Dowbiggin is a unique voice in Canada's talk radio landscape. He delves into the subjects that many avoid, and offers a perspective and range of voices on the issues of the day you won't hear anywhere else.