11 Myths Behind the Origin of 420


There are many myths as to how the number 420 became synonymous with smoking marijuana. Here are 11 bogus origin stories for the infamous 420-cannabis relationship.


1. The police radio code for marijuana


Nope. Though interestingly, it is the radio code for homicide for the Las Vegas Police Department. 


2. The number of chemical compounds in marijuana


Nope. There are actually 315 chemical compounds in cannabis.

3. The amount of marijuana necessary to ingest for an overdose


Nope. According to our research, there have been no reported cases of death by a marijuana overdose. 

4. Teatime in Holland


Nope. That's not it either. 

5. The numbers in the Bob Dylan song "Rainy Day Woman 12 & 35” multiplied.


Kind of. 12 x 35 does equal 420, but that's not how the number became associated with weed.

6. Bob Marley’s birthday


Nope. Bob's birthday was actually February 6. 

7. Hotel room the Grateful Dead always stayed in


Nope, although the Grateful Dead do play a role in the legend of 420! 

8. Number of California Senate Bill to legalize weed


Sort of. California Senate Bill 420 does refer to the use of medical marijuana but was named after the number became a cultural phenomenon. 

9. Section of California penal code relating to marijuana


Nope. California Penal Code Section 420 refers to unlawful obstruction of a person from entering public land. 

10. The best time to plant cannabis


Nope. The best time to plant marijuana could not be uniform across different climates and terrains.

11. The time at which Albert Hofmann first deliberately took LSD


True, but merely a coincidence. 



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