Every number is significant in fascinating ways if you know where to look and with whom to speak. Adam Growe, comedian and TV host, explores the sensational significance of a different number every week with a special guest, ranging from entertainers to intellectuals.

Pick A Number opens with a monologue in which Adam provides context on why he’s chosen a particular number. That number then serves as a guide for conversations about an eclectic and unpredictable mix of topics. Wondering where the number will take you next, you’ll also enjoy what you discover about the interesting guests as a result of the engaging interview. Adam allows the dialogue to expand on a specific subject when it seems natural, but steers it back to the number to ensure you get as diversified an insight into their unique perspectives and experiences as possible.

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About Adam Growe


For over 25 years, Adam has been performing on radio, television, on-stage, as well as at festivals and events. In addition to hosting eight seasons of Discovery Channel’s Cash Cab, Adam is an accomplished stand-up comedian starring in Just for Laughs, Comedy NOW!, CBS’s Star Search and Comedy Central’s Premium Blend. His career has expanded to include online interactive video marketing, keynote presentations and his own one-man shows. Adam is a father and a foster parent with his wife and three kids in Toronto.

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