Popular Podcast “Utopia To Me?” Comes to Entertainment One – New Episodes Launching June 19!

Entertainment One welcomes new a show, Utopia to Me? to their podcast family! New episodes will be released on Tuesday, June 19th and can be streamed on all popular podcasting platforms (such as Apple Podcast and Stitcher).

Hosted by comedian Chris Locke, he asks guests to describe their ideal utopia. Is it a fantastic world if people could live inside of fruit? How about if potato chips made you feel better about yourself? Locke takes you on a splendid journey to the perfect worlds of many hilarious and totally interesting guests on Utopia To Me?

“Utopia To Me? keeps gaining fans not just because it’s fun and funny, but also because I get to create worlds with the guests – which always ends up going into very hilarious, very psychological territory!” says Locke, who’s accomplishments include the Canadian Comedy Award for Live/Best Male Stand-Up.

Utopia to Me? has garnered fans internationally since it first began in the Fall of 2014. It has been featured on The AVClub’s Podmass, and has an all-star lineup of guests from Nathan Fielder, Mark Little, Mark Forward, Katie Crown, and more.

Entertainment One is thrilled to have such an accomplished entertainer such as Chris Locke, with his skill to explore the creative worlds people can only dream of. Listen to Utopia to Me? on June 19th at utopiatome.com or on your favourite podcast platform, and enjoy the various ways we describe our perfect utopias.

Find him on Apple Podcast: https://apple.co/2JWlFF5

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