Think of Issue Zero as “Fan Expo: The Podcast”. Basically, anything relevant at those conventions (which draw hundreds of thousands of visitors each year), will find a hip new home in this new podcast. From TV creators and movie stars, to acclaimed comic book writers and video game designers (and everything in between), Issue Zero will deliver interesting, engaging and never-before heard interviews with some of the scene’s brightest minds and biggest personalities. 

Each podcast will feature one guest and will be hosted by “Fearless” Fred Kennedy. Fred has done thousands of interviews, and he takes pride in not asking the “usual” questions that you’ll hear anywhere else.

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About "Fearless" Fred Kennedy

Kennedy headshot.jpg

“Fearless” Fred Kennedy is a well-known personality right across the country. He was the on-camera host for “Teletoon At Night” for more than 6 years – it was the first time the network ever did anything live. He is also a longtime radio star who is the current morning man at Edge 102.1 in Toronto. He can also be heard hosting evenings at Power 97 in Winnipeg. 

Fred is fully immersed in the world of pop culture and comics. (Seriously, this is a guy who’s wedding ring was made to look like the Green Lantern’s ring. Seriously). He is also an acclaimed writer, in fact, his own comic “The Fourth Planet” was recently recognized by a big American website as “one of the 5 new comics you should read”. Fred has respect and recognition in this space and is a regular at conventions across the country.

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