A podcast covering men’s and women’s sports equally. Finally!

This isn’t your ordinary podcast. We're finally laying it all out there and we’re talking about everything. NBA and WNBA, NHL, NWHL and CWHL, MLB and NPF, PGA and LPGA. Get the idea?

Finally! we have a podcast where we talk about men’s and women’s sports equally. On Finally! we will talk about the big games, we’ll sprinkle some trash talk and we will challenge the inequality of sport. Hearing is believing, and we Finally! have a podcast that plays every position and where women don’t just sit in the stands or twirl for reporters. Host Natalie Stoberman calls up leading thinkers and actors in sports to discuss the news of the day, and how to chip away at making sports equal for all.

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About Natalie Stoberman

To Natalie, sports are a lot like having eggs for breakfast. She can have them in many ways. As an athlete, a journalist or a sports nut.

She’s been a witness to some amazing and emotional sports moments. Some of her favourite moments include covering the Raptors’ first playoff run in 2012 for NBA TV Canada; covering the Pan Am Games for CBC Sports and jumping for joy when the men’s baseball team won gold; and watching Humber College win the 2016 women’s basketball national championship on a 3-point buzzer beater.

Natalie is a reporter, writer, host and moderator, producer and videographer. And she’s still finding more ways to cook up her sports.

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