A day in the life from the backbone of baseball.

Day Games is a podcast where we speak to people that work in and around professional baseball in an effort to better understand the daily lives of those working in the game that we love. It’s “a day in the life” for the baseball world. Day Games tells the stories of baseball from the perspective of people that make up the backbone of the industry. Stories about what makes the game go that  we don’t typically hear sitting in the bleachers or watching on television.  The host of Day Games is Dr. Mike Sonne - a biomechanist who studies how people work, the ways they solve problems, and reasons they excel at their jobs.

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About Dr. Mike Sonne

Mike and and producer Nick Dika began following baseball many years ago, when they decided that it wasn't worth getting up as early as watching soccer required. They both contribute to Baseball Prospectus Toronto and would gladly take the job of any of the fascinating people that have appeared as guests on Day Games.


Mike is an ergonomist and biomechanics researcher. During his day job, he studies how people work, and helps them find better and safer ways to get through their 9 to 5. In day games, Mike hopes to learn more about those who make things happen outside the foul lines, and contribute to the product on the field that we all know and love.

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