Immigration may be considered a contentious issue, but it’s a conversation that we as a nation must have. In fact, you can’t discuss a country like ours without talking about it. “Becoming Canadian” is a compelling and emotional look at the approximately 250,000 people who will take our oath of citizenship this year. 
Each and every one of these new Canadians has a story. These stories will range from heartbreaking and tragic, to heartwarming and uplifting. This original format will remind us just how lucky we are to be Canadian. It will also show us, first-hand, how absolutely life changing our home and native land can be for new citizens. 
“Becoming Canadian” is a 6-part documentary series that traveled to citizenship ceremonies right across the country. Set to air on CBC in 2017, it will also feature an ambitious digital extension which will continue the story telling on line for the entire year as we celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial in 2017. 

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